Listening Our Shared World Into Being:

Transforming unproductive friction to co-creative community

Are you…

  • wanting to expand your skills in bridging divides?
  • exploring effective approaches for participatory leadership?
  • seeking to encourage diversity and creativity, while also generating alignment and coherence?
  • interested in learning powerful new ways for working with groups? 

If so, you’ve come to the right place!


We offer experiential workshops that support effective participatory leadership. This work is for mediators, facilitators, consultants, and change agents — anyone who facilitates complex and/or contentious issues, and wants to deepen their practice. And these days, we offer this small-group, high-quality learning online.


Instead of creating unproductive friction, different points of view can lead to innovative solutions, new understandings, and more productive teamwork — with greater energy, alignment, and engagement.  


Next Steps in Group Facilitation:

Hosting and Harvesting Complexity with Heart


A deep-dive learning journey into whole-body listening and advanced group facilitation.  We draw on Focusing, Dynamic Facilitation, Transformative Pedagogy, Internal Family Systems, and more.

Key benefits include:

  • greater comfort in relating to conflict as a potential source of creative energy
  • learning to experience the gift in unexpected challenges
  • greater ability to create psychological safety in groups
  • effective skills for helping groups enter into a state of flow
  • more trust in your own ability to support emergent process

We have led public workshops in the U.S., Canada, and Germany.

Currently, we are focused on providing customized in-house learning opportunities for mission-driven organizations.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

What others have said:


“Rosa’s workshop was transformative! I was able to apply what I learned right away, in a conflict situation with a small team within the Department of Human Services where I work as a case consultant. The interpersonal issues had confounded the staff and their managers as well as involving numerous people around the state for a long time. The conflict was resolved and the agreements kept. Everyone was amazed!

I am called upon to facilitate, coach and mediate regularly. This approach provided a real shift in the work I do with groups.”

Taylor Kohn

Department of Human Services, State of Oregon

“I really enjoyed experiencing a decision-making/choice-making model that rests on the creative potential of conflict. As a choice/decision making process I found it more fun, flexible and energizing than the standard cooperative problem solving/consensus building that I have used. The process felt like an especially good fit for groups that have begun in dialogue to bridge deep differences, but want to move into discussing actions and making decisions. I’m definitely interested in learning more!”

Mary Jackstreit, Consultant, Facilitator & Mediator

Collaboration, Engagement & Conflict Management Associate,
Public Conversations Project

“I found this work breathtakingly simple to grasp conceptually, and complex to live. I was grateful that we spent the majority of time in practice. […] From the training, I have a sense that I can apply the principles as I live, and am looking forward to more practice so I can more effectively facilitate the process as a whole. I recommend this training very highly.”

Shulamit Day Berlevtov
psychotherapist, Focusing teacher and NVC trainer



Learn more about this approach on the resources page, where you” find some brief videos as well as free articles.

Contact us if you’d like to sponsor a workshop in your area, or to host one in-house.

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